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Artists’ Corner: Arosh Thevadathil

Doodles, doodles everywhere and a ‘doodlemuni’ to pen them all!! Today in Artists’ Corner, we have the super talented Mr. Arosh Thevadathil aka Doodlemuni, as he is known in the doodle-o-sphere!! ‘A happy-go-lucky kid from God’s own country trying to achieve all his dreams’, reads his Instagram profile. His intricate as well as simple doodles and digital drawings are quite unique in that, the subjects have large rotund faces and round, cutesy eyes!! He also does posters and wedding invites in his signature doodle style in mostly digital medium. Even socially relevant topics like cleanliness form the thread of some doodles. Most of his creations involve funny incidents and anecdotes in the form of cartoons from his own life; his family and friends being the subjects. We feel at home when we see those doodles. Quite interesting, is it not? Now, let us hear about his creative journey through this online interview.

Arosh Thevadathil

Q. Doodle muni is a very interesting and creative moniker. Is there any story behind choosing such a name?

A: I felt that the name Doodle muni was both funny as well as serious at the same time. It is a desi name to tell jokes with a serious face.


Q: Your doodles are just out of the world. Besides traditional pen and paper art, what are the other media that you work with?

A: Apart from these, I use the digital medium. I have also worked with Adobe Photoshop by using Wacom pen tablet.


Q: How did you come up with your style of art? Was there any formal art education that you were exposed to?

A: I believe that every artist has his/her own unique style. It takes time to realise what your USP (Unique Selling Point) is. USP is a word used by people in advertising (Google says that USP is a factor that differentiates a certain product from rest of its competitors,something that makes it stand out). So, during the initial days, it is natural to get inspired by other’s work or style.

After finishing my 12th standard, I went on to complete my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in  Applied Art.


Q: In many of the doodles, there is a strong reference to family, especially your sister and every youth’s craze the ‘bullet’ or the Royal Enfield. Is that intentional or something that comes naturally?

A: Most of my doodles are connected to my real life. Therefore, you can say that they are a mere reflection of my life. 🙂


Q: You have done doodles for Kerala Tourism Department and many other prestigious agencies. how did they tap your potential?

A: Shouldn’t you be asking them this question :p ?

(I think our artist is being modest at this juncture. Yes, definitely the answer to this question can be deciphered from the doodles he has created for them like the one featuring Mahabali and Kerala elephant, Kadhakali etc for Kerala Tourism).


Q: What is your dream project?

A: I actually don’t have a dream project. But I try my best to bring a level of perfection in every new project of mine, hoping that it would become my next masterpiece.


Q: How can people reach you?

A: I get most of the queries through my instagram account (@doodle.muni) and through my friends. For business enquiries, you can also check out


Let Doodlemuni be able to achieve all his dreams and keep inspiring us with his amazing creations for years to come. A big thanks to you for your valuable time in spite of being in a tight schedule.

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Ashtavinayaka II: Mini canvas paintings

For those who missed the first part of this post, the link to it is here. Rest of the details on Ashtavinayakas continue here. Paintings are done on canvas of size 6 x 6 inches with acrylics.

Shri Chintamani Vinayak, Theur

At this place in Theur, Lord Ganesha is said to have recovered the precious Chintamani jewel from a greedy person and returned it to sage Kapila who in turn placed it on Ganesha’s neck. Hence the name Chintamani Vinayak and the village Theur sits at the confluence of the three rivers Mula, Mutha and Bhima.

Shri Girijatmaj, Lenyadri

This Ganesha temple is located in a cave in Lenyadri believed to be at the spot where Goddess Parvati obtained penance to get Ganesha as her son. This idol is different from the others in that it is not well carved or designed. The temple is designed in such a way that sun’s rays light up the idol during the day.

Shri Vighneshwar Vinayak, Ozar

Ganesha is said to have defeated the demon Vighnasur at this place. The demon pleaded to Ganesha to take his name and hence Ganapati came to be known as Vighneshwar. Situated on the banks of the river Kukadi, the temple is enclosed by stone walls and its pinnacle is made of gold. In this painting, I created those white flowers by dipping a long hair brush in white paint, slightly runny and pressed it to the background so as to create the petal like marks.

Shri Mahaganapati, Ranjangaon

This is the last installment in the Ashtavinayaka series. Lord Shiva is said to have defeated the demon Tripurasura after propitiating Vinayaka here. I have visited this temple once. It is such a beautiful and peaceful location. This temple visit is to be concluded by paying obeisances to Shri Mayureshwar in Moregaon which is the first temple in this route commemorating the divine sports or leelas of Ganesha. May Lord Ganesha remove all the hindrances on our paths and guide us!

Hope you all liked this post. Please do leave a comment.

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Ganesha: My interpretation of symbolisms

By now you guys would have understood my obsession for Ganesha. I love collecting Ganesha curios and my mom has a beautiful collection of different small Ganapati statues back home. The acrylic painting that I am posting here is one of those that I had gifted to a relative of mine when we visited them. It was done on a canvas of size 9 x 12 inches with acrylic paints. Tried out a different background for this one by using a small ball of tissue all crunched up, to apply paint over a plain background; in this case, reddish orange on a yellow background and hence, the cloudy effect. Till then I only resorted to plain backgrounds. Hope you guys liked this one! Do leave a comment.

Dancing Ganesha

In this post, I would like to explain some symbolisms that represent Ganesha, from what I have read and learnt from various sources along with my interpretations of the same.  I have been wanting to share some thoughts for sometime now and so here goes!

His large fan like ears convey the message that one should listen more. In my understanding, I interpret it like this: in these days of increasing intolerance for each other, we must listen to what others have to say and cultivate some empathy, to understand each other better. Lend an ear to those who seek you out. Another meaning I got from this symbolism is that, before taking an action one must always listen carefully, before jumping into any conclusions. Think from your heart too to tackle certain problems.

Big head directs us to the message ” think big”. Shun any narrow mindedness and think about what you can do for the good of the society. Think about what you can do to improve the existing condition of those around. Think big so that you can leave an indelible mark in a positive way in others’ minds. His small eyes denote the need for concentration. You must concentrate on your task at hand and give your fullest to complete it.

Small mouth indicates the power of silence- talk less and work more. This is a motto we should all follow. Do your work as your duty without much a hullabaloo. We don’t need to brag about it to each and everyone we see, do we? Also let God do the rest after you have given your commitment. Sometimes, not replying to a remark or remaining silent where necessary often gives you peace of mind. However, one must not be quiet all the time. Do react when the situation demands; it all lies in identifying the situations correctly. His long winding trunk gives out the message that one should be as efficient and adaptable to situations as it is. One tusk represents the good things we must retain after discarding the bad things that spoil our life.

Ganapati is always identified with His large stomach which represents that you should develop a mind that can digest both the good and bad in equal measure. It also in fact, contains the whole of the universe. On the spiritual front, I felt that in order to lead a peaceful life, one should inculcate equanimity i.e. as already said the ability to see both good and bad experiences in a good light. Make it a policy to be never too overjoyed nor too over saddened by circumstances. Like someone has said, when life throws lemons at you, make some lemonade!! Hehe!! 🙂  🙂

Dancing ganesha collage - Copy
Work progress

Thank you guys for listening to my rant!! Calmly do your duty and pray to God to guide you. He will ride on top of the mouse of desires to keep them in check and reward you with Modaka-the gift of blessings!! God bless you all!!

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Ashtavinayaka I : Mini canvas paintings

Starting this year, I wanted to put up my first painting as usual of Ganesha (yes, you guessed it!! :D) as He is invoked at the commencement of anything auspicious. So I had an idea to do a series on Ashtavinayakas or the eight Vinayaka idols whose temples in Pune and surrounding areas, are famous as pilgrim centres (you can read more about them on Wikipedia). In these, I have experimented with different backgrounds and designs on canvas using acrylic paints and zero sized brushes. The paintings are 6 x 6 inched square paintings- mini paintings. Since there are 8 paintings in total, I have split the post in 2 and so this is the first part. Hope you guys will enjoy these. To me, they look cute and I am definitely happy with the progress I have made. Hoping to improve even more as learning is a constant and eternal process. Learning does not stop with school or college I believe; rather we constantly absorb and progress- that is how it should be. Jai Ganesha!

Shri Mayureshwar, Morgaon

Traditionally, pilgrims visit and invoke the blessings of Mayureshwar at Morgaon in Pune district as it is one of the most important temples and even conclude the visit by paying obeisance a second time to the Lord at the end of the trip. The temple stands at the spot where the demon Sindhurasur was slain by Ganapathi. The village is named Morgaon (literally means peacock village) as there used to be a lot of peacocks in the area before and even the village is said to be set in the shape of a peacock. Interesting!

Shri Siddhivinayak, Siddhatek

Located next to the river Bhima, which is also called the Chandrabhaga when it resembles the shape of the moon, Siddhivinayak temple at Siddhatek stands at the spot where Lord Vishnu vanquished Madhu and Kaitabha, two demons known for their prowess after praying to Ganesha here. This is the only idol whose trunk is positioned to the right among these 8 idols. Here, Lord Ganesha is surrounded on both sides by idols of His wives Riddhi-prosperity and Siddhi-spiritual powers. On the spiritual side, it means that He is the bestower of these qualities to seekers of the Ultimate Truth.

Shri Ballaleswar, Pali

At the Ballaleshwar temple, Lord saved a devotee named Ballala. This boy was very much adhered to the Lord with his single minded devotion and faced wrath from the boy’s own father and villagers who beat him up for the same reason as he was not concentrating on work or studies. The unique shape of the idol resembles the shape of the mountain that forms the backdrop of this temple.

Shri Varadavinayak, Mahad

Ganesha here is called by the name Varadavinayak as He is the bestower of bounty and success in plenitude, ready to rain blessings and benedictions upon the devotees who yearn for Him with all their heart. Hope you all liked this post. Do leave a comment if you liked it. The second part will follow soon. Stay tuned!!

You can read the second part of this post here.

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Artists' Corner

Artists’ Corner: Niloufer Wadia

Dusky beauties with slender necks, elongated doe eyes, chubby cheeks, extended jawlines and plump lips – definition of masterpieces of artist Niloufer Wadia I would say!! The gorgeous ladies all clothed in colourful drapes, all intricately detailed. You just can’t take your eyes off them. Each one is a treat to the eyes! Now let us get to know more about her artistic trail in her own words (online interview).

Niloufer Wadia

Q: Can you speak a few words on yourself for the readers?

A: I was a student of commercial art from the Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, and then worked in advertising for 20 something years. It’s a very invigorating, but also very demanding profession. No two days are the same, the work is great, but you’re at the beck and call of clients who aren’t always very reasonable. So one day, I just quit. Exhaustion apart, I needed to spend more time with my six year old and most importantly, I had being toying with the idea of returning 100% to painting and illustration and I knew if I didn’t make the break NOW I never would.

niloufer 2

Q: You are one of the artists to have a carved a niche for yourself among the artist community of India. How did that become possible?

A: Hahaha, really? I don’t think so. But thank you. I think I’ve just been very lucky. As I said, I just quit my job and  started with some cartooning work that I did regularly for a I.T. client. In between I painted. I had been painting for some years, but very sporadically. I had a large digital illustration portfolio on micro image, royalty free stock sites, so I occasionally got assignments to illustrate for peoples blogs, websites or brochures. But things were slow, believe me I had some sleepless nights wondering if I would need to return to a full time job.

Q: Did you have any formal art education?

A: As I mentioned I did Commercial Art, – Government Diploma of Art (Applied), but to be honest that’s more design than art. My Major was in illustration, but ultimately our training was for advertising design. Also just around the time I graduated, everything moved onto computers, so we had a whole new education using computers to design and illustrate, on the job. I personally have always loved drawing, but several classmates did perfectly well without having much talent in drawing.

niloufer wadia collage

Q: All your paintings are a celebration of vibrant hues and colours and frequently depict women. My personal favourites include Durga, Modern day goddess, lady with fishes and paintings of Rajasthani inspired women…. How did you develop this unique style?

A: Women are the one subject I always drew. In school my text books were filled with illustrations where the historical, male characters acquired long hair, beautiful eye make-up and bindis. I was frequently asked, why don’t you draw something besides women, but I didn’t. I guess that turned out to be a good thing.
Then after several years of no art of any kind, I started creating detailed pencil art. Women of course. The faces were almost realistic though the eyes grew larger than normal. (I’m not sure if you’ve seen these )

I did a course in oil painting but frankly it left me cold, – too much time seemed to be spent beginning and then cleaning up. Remember I was working full time and had limited spare time. At some point I tried acrylics, and really loved them. To keep up with their speed of drying, my colouring was mostly flat. At first I was disheartened. Then somewhere along the way, my love for graphics and graphic shapes merged with my love for painting and I suddenly started noticing that it was ok, and that several wonderful artists, Jamini Pai and Bolivian artist Alfredo Lopez did the exact kind of work I was drawn to.  Other exaggerations like size of eyes, elongated neck grew from there. Jewellery and patterns were already part of my favourite additions.

niloufer 3

Q: Besides acrylics, which other media do you use? Which one do you find comfortable working with?

A: Pencil is my all time favourite. Nothing translates my immediate thought to paper as perfectly as pencil, not to speak of the shades and lights that one can derive from a single pencil. Also lately I’ve been using a lot of watercolour and pen and ink.


Q: From your works, one can see that you illustrate books as well, like ‘Kanna Panna’ for Tulika Books and ‘The Old Lady who juggled’ for Pratham books to name a few. How different is it from the other art works  you do as an artist?

A: Illustrating children’s books was a dream but I didn’t really know how to break in and the articles I read online (all Western) made it sound near impossible. I now know that to be untrue in India at least.
Again I was really lucky. I took part in an online competition from Pratham Books to create a story with just 6 illustrations. It was a real rush job because I caught the event as it was nearing it’s end. ‘The Old Lady who juggled’ was the outcome, and the rest as they say is history. In fact this year I’ve done books back to back, with absolutely no time to paint.

Q: What do you do to keep away artist’s block and remain creative everyday? what is your go to de-stressing tonic?

A: Being from an advertising background, I don’t really believe in the artist block paralysing you completely. We didn’t have that luxury, the deadline loomed. I think you just have to keep working and things just work out. Maybe not 100% at first, but as you keep on at it, things can be transformed to surprise you pleasantly.
Also when it comes to a painting, even when I’m not thrilled 100%, I’ve discovered that there’s always someone who thinks it’s your best work yet. Tastes are so subjective.

As to de-stressing, I love to read. So even reading for 40 minutes while eating lunch works for me. And I have to read before I fall asleep. When I have time, which isn’t often these days, I fill an art journal, which is like a personal diary but in sketches. Plus, almost every Sunday, I go out sketching for 2 hours, with the local Urban Sketchers group – that completely rejuvenates me.


Q: Have you conducted any exhibitions?If so, what insights did you gain from those?

A: I have only done a few joint exhibitions. Certainly it’s wonderful to interact with other artists and peer at their work from up close, but to be honest with so much work available to view and buy online, I always get the feeling, ‘Oh, I’ve seen this before.’ I personally sell more work online than I’ve ever sold at an exhibition, so lately, I haven’t bothered to participate. I also don’t create as much as most artists, since I do so much other illustration, so working towards an exhibition is really stressful for me.

Q: Any message you would like to give to aspiring artists who want to achieve success in art field?

A: I don’t think I’m expert enough to give anyone any advise but all I can say is practise really does make perfect. I can see myself improving literally with every illustration I do. My greatest thrill has been that I finally am not intimidated by animals, something I would never even consider drawing even 2 years ago. On the other hand, exactly the opposite of regular practise -I haven’t done a painting for so many months, I’m almost scared to touch the canvas.

Thank you so much Niloufer maam for spending your valuable time for this interview. May you be able to create wonderful works again and again and keep inspiring us!!

You can visit her Instagram account @niloufer.artist

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As New Year dawns


Yet another year has arrived bringing with the wings of time, new hopes, dreams, ambitions, happiness, revelations and surprises!! The year 2017 was an year of self discovery for me as an artist where I delved into my passion for art and went ahead to launch my art blog Desisoul Arts after years of hopes and dreams!! And soon facebook and insta accounts followed suit. What more, I got acquainted with some really sweet n wonderful fellow artists and bloggers through Instagram!! The previous year I could mold myself as an artist, got inspiration from various artists, participated in Inktober (which was really an enlightening and meditative process since i could gather so many insights), developed certain skills, tried out new ideas, shunned some and discovered different media I could work on! It was a very productive year!!

Abstract Ganesha

So, beginning of this year, I thought that it would be great to start off with Ganesha because He is the remover of obstacles and here goes the first post of the year 2018!! This is an abstract Ganesha with acrylics on canvas. Hope you guys liked it! Here’s an old poem of mine to go with it!

HAPPY 2018!!

With every new drop of dew,

comes a fresh lease of energy,

an urge to start anew…

Each little breeze, brings us loads of hope

Each little wave, whispers secret of success

Each little ray of the sun, gifts happiness and joy

Each little creation leaves a lesson

Each little grain of sand,

preserves the imprints of past

Each little moment,

surprises with wonders of Nature

Each little passing cloud,

reminds us of a merciful God above

helping us in all our endeavours!!!

Hope all you guys have a great and glorious year ahead!!

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It’s Christmassy!


The season all have been excitedly waiting for, has finally advented…Yes…with the spirit of Christmas, arrive cheer, gaiety, happiness, fun, frolic and excitement…But the highlight is the remembrance of the birth of the Saviour who came down to the humble abodes of erring humankind to uplift them and absolve all sins. Born in a manger forlorn, He taught the ignorant mankind reveling in darkness, to look up to the Heavens and pray to the Lord Almighty. Let all follow along the path lighted by Him to dispel the gloom that shrouds our intellect.

Merry Christmas

A small illustration I did for Christmas. Hope you liked it!

Go out, build a snow castle, make a snowman, bake some delicious cookies n cakes, prepare dinner for family and friends, chug down some hot cocoa and enjoy to the fullest coz ’tis the season to be jolly!! (Psst.. I have a chocolate n vanilla zebra cake I made warming up in the oven :p). May all of you have a wonderful year ahead!

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Rajput Saga: Dancing princess

Rajputs are unique in their cultural traditions and bright colours. The valour and chivalry of the Rajput men and the equally courageous beautiful women, the festivities, winsome castles and palaces of the illustrious Maharajas and Maharanis, the cheerful banter of young girls, the gorgeous and vivacious traditions revealed in exquisite paintings – all these are enough to make one fall in love with their culture. Red or vermillion shades dominate the colour palette. Tales of yore make you look at them in awe- the tales of heroic deeds the travelling bards have spread with their mellifluous tones!!

This drawing is inspired from Rajasthani style paintings of beautiful Rajput ladies…a monochromatic rendition in my style. A princess dancing to the tunes of a melody with jingling anklets to her accompaniment.

Dancing princess

Hope you guys liked this artwork!! Please do leave a comment!

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Majestic edifices

Temple Tales in Black continues!!

Mahabalipuram shore temple, Tamil Nadu

Forgotten poetry in stone wedded to ancient lores etched on granite. They have withstood the ravages of time, yet some of them have been shrouded in sand, cloaking all their former glory in tales unknown and timeless..Majestic edifices standing in the canvas of time, silhouetted against the backdrop of deep blue sea and seamless firmament.. Their sheer enormity is sure to knock you off your senses. I end this post on a wistful note- that I want to travel to exotic and ancient destinations like these sometime , to bask in the electric ambience and mysteries that surround the places!!!  

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Artists’ Corner: Shilpa Lalit

This time, the artist interview (online) is tad exciting for me because it comes with a little twist -the artist coincidentally shares my name “Shilpa” :). Her paintings have a surreal charm to them that makes you want to look at them like, forever- be it the enchanted world series or her 2016 Inktober series. She is a popular youtuber who uploads videos of her creative processes along with tips for beginners on her channel Artyshils Art with over 10k subscribers. It is amazing to see gorgeous ladies and handsome hunks take shape on her blank canvases in a riot of colours. Shilpa even has her own online art academy ‘Artyshils Art Academy’. How cool is that? Now, over to Shilpa.

Shilpa Lalit

Q: Please tell us a little about yourself and where you are currently based.

A: Hii, my name is Shilpa Lalit and I am from Pune, India, currently based in Brussels, Belgium. I am an acrylic painting and a mixed media artist. I have a bachelors degree in fine arts from Nagpur University, India and my original art and fine art prints can be found with various private collectors around the world. I am also the founder and the content creator of my passion project, my online art school :- Artyshils Art Academy, where I teach and share various workshops on how to draw and paint, which are once again enjoyed by a beautiful bunch of people from all corners of the globe.

artyshils col3

Q: How did you recognize the artist in yourself? Did you undergo any formal education in art?
A: Actually my mother recognized the artist in me since I was very little and made sure that I attended each and every possible art workshop around our house, during my summer vacations. So every summer vacation, I would spend learning various art forms , right from drawing , painting, rangoli, mehandi and just about anything. And further I even ended up doing a 4 years bachelors degree in fine arts, which was also my mother’s vision for me and I am so grateful to her for everything, as I couldn’t have asked for a better life than that of an artist, that I currently get to live.

artyshils col 2
Q: When did you first start your youtube channel Artyshils Art and how did this idea materialize?

A: I had initially started another art YouTube channel just for fun in around 2011. In that channel I was just experimenting with my videos and playing around and there was nothing serious. Slowly I started building following over there and people started recognizing and appreciating my work. But around 1.5 years back I thought of leaving that channel , to start my current channel :- “Artyshils Art” , as I was not happy wiith the quality of videos on my old channel. I wanted each and every video on my channel to represent ME and I should be proud of it, right from the production quality to its paintings. So that’s why I started “Artyshils Art” , where I currently upload my art videos and paintings.

artyshils collage

Q: Currently you run a successful online art school artyshils  art academy. How happy are you with the progress?

A: When I had started Artyshils Art Academy, I told myself that , if only one person joins in my classes, I will make more classes for them. And by god’s grace , way more then one joined my academy and I am so grateful that I get to share my knowledge with them. But this is just a start and AAA has a long way to go and many many more students to serve. So if I become happy with the current progress, then how will we grow !! I always wish to serve as many art lovers as I can through my Academy.


Q: Can you briefly explain the working of your classes for interested art lovers?

A: With ALL the classes of Artyshils Art Academy, I make sure that I explain right from all the materials used to all the techniques used, to how to draw the drawing of that particular painting in absolute detail. After we know all that basics, then we move on to learning the painting with in depth explanation , step by step from start to finish. My goal with every class of AAA is to not only teach one particular painting, but to give the students the basics and techniques, that they can use to create their own original artworks and bring their own imagination to life. AAA is my passion project, so I make sure to give it all the love and energy I can and therefore, even the testimonials from the students of AAA till now have been just beautiful, which once again, I am so very grateful for.

Thank you dear Shilpa for sharing your story with us!! We wish you all the best.May you scale greater heights in the world of art.

Guys please follow this super talented artist.

The link to her website :
and her Academy :-
Facebook group :-

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